Songwol Vina

Acquired Oeko-Tex 1st class certification, this Songwol’s Vietnamese plant contributes to customer’s well-being.


Global Towel OEM, “Songwol Vina”

Songwol Vina is a global towel OEM.

In order to integrate into the global market, in 2009, Songwol invested 100% on Songwol vina located in Hochinminh, Vietnam.

Songwol Vina uses the best quality of yarns, and is equipped with the newest facilities. Songwol Vina meets global market standards with an exhaustive quality control system, an exact delivery, better designs, and better prices.

As a result, Songwol Vina offers absolutely harmless products to customers by obtaining Oeko Tex Standard 100 starting in 2010.