Songwol Umbrella

Thinking outside of the box, Songwol makes the best quality of luxurious umbrellas.

SONGWOL Umbrella

Songwol Umbrella pursues the best quality.

As Songwol established a brand image of superior towel, Songwol believes in that it can also build a superior quality of umbrellas. Songwol is putting much effort to make the Korean best umbrellas. By making joint venture with a Chinese umbrella manufacturer whose facilities are among the best, Songwol produce superior umbrellas such as non-breaking, non-leaking, best designed umbrellas.

In order to add more values as a better product, Songwol is not reluctant to invest on new technologies, new designs and new products. More values are added by using best quality of fabrics, executing 2 rounds of quality checks and a water repellent check, and designing by Songwol’s own design experts. Each products has its proper specialties in function, and these luxurious Songwol umbrellas are approaching customers with more affordable prices.

Customers can meet Songwol umbrellas at 180 of Songwol franchise stores in Korea. Customers can find any umbrellas with their own tastes at any Songwol franchise stores at anytime.

Songwol Umbrella is the future.

To become “a beloved companay,” Songwol delivers happiness to customers with better products, and takes social responsibilities by growing with local society. Also, Songwol pursues diversities and gives employees opportunities to develop personally.