CEO’s Greeting


Representing Korean Towel, 71 years’ History and Tradition

Songwol thanks to customers’ trust. Integrating the World’s market, Songwol is the pride of Korean towel.
First of all, Thanks to your deep interest and love to Songwol Towel

Since 1945, its foundation, Songwol towel has lived with Korean towel history, and it eventually became a leading towel brand in Korea. Songwol towel leads the Korean gift culture by meeting customers’ needs with superior quality and designs based on exhausting quality control and research and development.

Moreover, Songwol towel is now preparing for a bigger leap with new vision. Since 2009, by operating Vietnamese plant, Songwol is accelerating to be a global towel brand.

Now, Songwol towel is ready to meet another change and new world. Not only by offering better products and service but also by taking social responsibility, Songwol will respond to customers’ love.

Park, Byung Dae, Songwol Towel Co.,Ltd CEO/ Chairman